On meeting Iman

About ten years ago I  had the opportunity to meet the exquisitely beautiful super model Iman, We met at an upscale cafe in Miami after I shot a Telemundo Commercial. When I introduced myself to her she shook my hand with elegant grace coupled with intense dignity and said ” Nice to meet you Hawaiian Boy.”  Her voice was deeper than I anticipated, akin to Grace Jones, but with more timbre.   I was fixated with the beauty of the color of her skin.  A rich, beautiful mahogany with a hint of mocha.  Flawless skin, made me phobic to touch her flesh.   I had  several more chance encounters with her in NY and LA since that day, and she still calls me Hawaiian Boy.  The last time I saw her she quickly shot her perfect hand into her hand bag and handed me a bag of dried pineapple.  “Mahalo” I said . She winked, smiled, and walked away as if she were on the cat walk.  It wasn’t just her physicality that was captivating, it was her spirit….very alluring..and even other worldly.    Next time I see her I’ll make sure to say ALOHA.
#NumeroUnoNameDropper #HawaiianboyisActuallyChamorro



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