Strangers on a Train II

While on a recent train trip , I found myself eating a mediocre tasting dinner at a table for four. The train was so crowded, that we were forced to sit down with strangers. At my table was Abel, a seventeen year old high school student who dreamt of doing special FX for Marvel Comics films, Dean, who had a bad phobia for flying and was taking the train from Kansas City all the way to Seattle to visit his sister, me, and Allie, this kind faced Hispanic woman in her mid sixties.  I noticed  her earlier because she occupied two seats and  had both over lead lights on. Additionally she had  her i phone flash light on her lap, and even an miniature angel night light plugged into the power outlet.   We all stared at her when she pulled out a zip lock bag containing eating utensils made of bamboo. “Bamboo is the strongest wood in the world.” she taught us . ” Even termites can’t eat bamboo” . We all nodded in respectful agreement. Than she set her utensils down and directed a funny question at us. ” I would like it if each of you could tell me something extraordinary about yourselves” she asked with the voice of a golden throated angel. Abel told us about how he almost died crossing the border with his parents. Dean told me that he almost suffocated after hiding in a pull out couch bed while playing hide and go seek  when he was eight, I told everyone the  story about a bolt of lightening striking within five feet of me, but Allie, She topped us all. After the death of her first husband, he died battling lung cancer. She became very lonely and depressed. She met a younger man who just moved into town. This young man charmed her and made her smile for the first time in five years. Soon the man moved in, and they were very happy together , and even married. Flash forward to six months later and Allie’s mother died, and left Allie with a very substantial sum of money, easily exceeding 2 million dollars. Her new husband began acting differently, as if he shed his fake skin and became mean, cold, sinister  and even abusive. One night while Allie was cleaning the dishes, he struck Allie on the head with a monkey wrench. She was knocked to the ground. It appeared that she was unconcious, but she wasn’t. She was playing possum. The greedy husband wrapped Allies body in blankets , sheets, and bed spreads. He cleaned up the blood on the kitchen counter and floor, all the while Allie was pretending to be dead. Than the guy gets on the phone and calls his mother, to ask for her guidance.” I don’t have any rope or duct tape”, he explained to her with the calm of a gentle sea. ” I think I saw some in the garage.” So the husband leaves Allie and goes to the garage. The garage was detached from the house. It was over 200 yards away from the main house. While he was in the garage looking for rope and/ or duct tape, Allie escaped from her cocoon and called 911. ” Help. my husband is trying to kill me. Please come now.” She quickly gave the dispatcher her address, repeated is slowly and clearly, than went back and rewrapped herself back in the blankets and bed spreads. But before she did that she quickly hid the industrial strength monkey wrench, because she knew that he if felt a pulse, he would strike her again with a deathly blow. The husband returns and starts tying up poor Allie with bright yellow rope, as just as he tied the final knot, four Police Men raided the house! The guy was thrown to the floor and immediately arrested. He is serving a life sentence, as as we passed the city of Salinas, Allie pointed out the window and said . ” There, there is where my second e xhusband lives  and there is where he will die.”  ” What about his mother?| asked Dean. ” She’s in another facility down south. You know it’s true what they say you reap what you sew and you get what you give.” The three of us just stared at her at disbelief. ” That can’t be a true story” claimed Abel. ” It most certainly is ” replied Allie. “You think you’ll ever marry again?” asked Dean.” Perhaps” replied Allie. ” But he has to be a genuine gentleman, and he has to like cats too. I have six”. When the bill came to the table Allie grabbed it . We all protested as we fumbled with our clumps of cash.” She laughed ” You can pay next time, when you all have proper money clips.” She said laughingly. ” I appreciate you all being present with me during dinner. You see, every time I tell the story , the less scared of the dark I become.”  An hour later I walked by Allie. This time only one of her overhead lights were on, and her iPhone flash light was off.   A gentle smile crawled across her face, like a sluggish catterpillar as she began to doze off.


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