An affirmation of twin telepathy aka escaping Sisyphus cycle

So the other day, I was having an internal imaginary, conversation with my grandma, who transitioned to the next life ten years ago. Work addiction is my affliction, and this did not go unnoticed by my grandma, who used to say things like ” Honey you work so much you’re gonna be the richest man in the cemetery! ” or ” Al, if you win the rat race, you’re still a rat.” She kept me in check. I was ending my conversation with my grandma in this dark quiet corner in an undersized DTLA cafe. Enter, my good friend Joan who immediately noticed the look of peacefulness in my eyes, something I always had when I was around grandma. ” So, what’s shining your light so bright today? ” she asked me. Than I looked into the mirror, and out of the blue told Joan.
” I was talking to my grandma, say hi to her”. I told her.
” How can I , when I don’t know her name? she asked.
” Lindy” , I told her. She played along just to keep me in my good mood I suppose.
Than she said ” Hi Lindy. ”
Than at that very moment I checked my i phone because I had just received a text from twin brother, who at that very moment was visiting my grandmother’s grave. Now if that is not twin power, I don’t know what is. I showed it to Joan, and her eyes got so wet, she couldn’t read my new pages. ” Thank you.” she said. ” I needed such an affirmation of connection this morning.” I’m exploring this twin telepathy in my next feature film DYKTWTSJ. These moments are good lessons for me as I continue to WRITE. Was caught up in a bit of a Sisyphus cycle, but this snapped me out of it.


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