Scarecrow , my second encounter

I just ran into my friend Scarecrow. This tall , rail thin, mid twentyish homeless guy. I immediately noticed that the scars from the cuts on his arms were somehow, even miraculously gone. “Jesus , healed me” , he proclaimed like a mighty lion roaring from the mountain top. I stared in amazement,and disbelief because all the marks from his cutting himself were literally gone. Vanished. In case you didn’t read my previous post about Scarecrow, he left home after tragedy dropped on him like a one ton chunk of iron. He lost his finance and his twin brother in a car accident. At that time he was a budding poet and short story writer. The pain was to much , so he hopped on a greyhound and came to la. ” I always heard about the South Cali sun, he quietly confided in me. ” I showed him a photo of me and my twin brother Joey. “Wow, you got a twin brother! Shyt, man, that makes me feel better bout you. Like I can trust you more now. ” He gave me a gentle fist bump, and with pride handed me a white flyer , that had on it a cross and a huge red heart. ” I want you to come through to this revival we are having tonight.. Jesus wants to see you there. ” I accepted his invitation, as a wry smile crept across his face like caterpillar. ” Will there be a gospel choir there?” I asked. ” Yup yup. Fasho” he told me. You like gospel music? ”
” Yeah, it’s the one genre of music that really makes me feel something deep.”
” I feel you” scared Scarecrow. Than he pulled out two chrome crosses he had buried under his five layers of soiled shirts. ” See this? Me and my twin brother, we had these identical crosses, I never take these off. ”
” I understand ” I said.
” You ‘ll understand me even more if you come to the revival tonight” , he said excitedly. Than he received a text.
” I gotta run bro. I gotta help set up chairs. Be there or be square.” He cheerfully yelled as he ran a circle around me and darted off across the street against a red light. He had a new found bounce in his step . Not sure if I will go to the revival tonight, but I rather Scarecrow find Jesus than drugs, that is something I know for certain.


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