Thirteen hula hoops in Silver Lake

Attempted to go to a party in Silverlake tonight. I drove around for 40 minutes and could not find a place to park. Finally I decided to fork out $15. bucks for some cheesey valet service called PIZZA VALET at a nearby restaurant. I found a very long and steep flight of stairs leading to the party destination, when suddenly a very tall and super modelesqe woman jumps out of the bushes. In her right hand she gripped tightly a small polka dotted can of spay mace.
“I”m scared she said. ” Can you please walk me up the stairs. Look how dark and creepy it looks. ” I extended my right elbow, she placed her left arm in my right arm as we began our ascent.
” Do you live around here? ”
” No ” I said. ” I’m going to a party. Wanna come with?|
” No” she replied. “I”m visiting my boyfriend.”
We get to the top of the stairs and I ask her.
” Why didn’t you call or text your boyfriend to walk you up the stairs?
She looked at me quizzically and said.
” Because he just had knee surgery” than she ran off. Then I went to the party. There were very few people and the music was lousy. Like bad lounge music one might find in Cape Town in the sixties. I texted my colleagues Chris and Andrew. ” “Don’t even bother” I texted ” The party is under stimulating, the music sucks, and there is no where to park” . When I left the party, I realized I was at the WRONG PARTY! So I went to the correct apartment. The front door was wide open. I entered and spotted a freshly opened bottle of Grey Goose Vodka in a bucket of pink ice cubes. Countless bottles of expensive liquor sat upon the counter. I looked around, but there was no one there, but the music was great, so I lingered, and I looked around the apartment. I spotted two brand new iPhones and a new Mac Power Book. But still there was no one in sight. . So I sit there and think, ” Dang if I were a bandit thief, I would be a king right now|, but I’m not a bandit thief, so let’s not go there. So I notice 13 hula hoops in the apartment. Thats when I realized I was in the right place, because the host of the party, well his girlfriend lives in Berlin and is a famous hula hoop artists. Too bad cuz I was really looking forward to meeting her. . But still no guests?
So I left and went to a grilled cheese sandwich at a place called The Grilled Cheese Sandwich shop on Sunset blvd. As I ate my delicious grilled cheese sandwich on sourdough, I realized I went through all of this inconvenience to experience this supreme moment of comfort. Here I am eating an incredible grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup, and it’s then I realize that the 13 hula hoops were a citation to my friend Melinda who passed away last year. She always had 13 pairs of ear rings. If she bought a new pair, she would give one pair away before she brought the new pair home. She loved the number 13. It was her favorite number, and she used to make the the best grilled cheese sandwiches on cold winter days when I lived in Santa Monica. So than I stop at the liquor store, and a very hipster and very codependent couple , seemingly attached at the hip, like Coach Pete and Russell Wilson, are in a serious argument about what wine to bring to a party. At the counter the guy looks at his fuming girlfriend and says.
” You mad bro? ”
” Yeah, I’m mad bro! Cuz we shoulda just bought that hula hoop! It cost half the price of this wine!| I didn’t say anything. Didn’t want to get involved.


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