A visitation from Grandma? aka Fanagui?

Spooky moment. I was at a Korean Spa cashing in on a massage gift certificate from a certain lactose intolerant client. I entered the steam room and I heard a woman’s warm and loving voice say . ” Hi Al! ” The voice of the woman eerily resembled the voice of my grandmother. What doubled my trouble is only my grandmother, who transitioned ten years ago, called me AL, and the steam room was over scented with lavender , my grandma’ s favorite flower. The steamer turned off and I decided stay put so that I could see who called out to me. As the steam began to dissipate, I discovered that the steam room was completely empty. Got the chills , lept to my feet. Almost slipped, but caught myself , and darted out the door.. ( is this Fanagui? ) Still processing…..


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