Doggy Knows Best

DOGGY KNOWS BEST. My friend Melissa was scheduled leave for Italy early tomorrow morning to meet “The Man of her Dreams”. She met Luigi online. They had been talking for over 6 months. Last week Luigi fed exed her Italian wine and pastries. She called it her turning point, and immediately booked a ONE WAY ticket to Milan. So she comes over really upset , because her new puppy got hold of her passport and chewed it into pieces. Not even two shots of Patron calmed her down. She was inconsolable. Than she gets a call from Italy, and it’ s Luigi’s wife, warning her not to come, or else. The morale to this story, Doggy knows best . Melissa quit her international online dating account and is taking her puppy to Playful Doggy Camp this weekend in Carlsbad. Her puppy’s name is TRUTH.


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