The white plastic Rosary given to me by student, who is incarcerated

My mom was startled when she noticed the white plastic rosary I had draped around my neck.
“Why are you wearing that rosary around your neck? ” she asked inquisitively.
My mom prefers rosaries with ruby colored glass beads, or porcelain beads.
“One of my students from LA County Probation Camp Afflerbaugh gave it to me on the last day of class” I explained.”
“That’s nice” she said as she smiled.
” The same student who asked me what I’m giving up for Lent” I told her.
” He’s a fine student ” she spoke, now gently, with a soft warmth in her eyes. ” I would like to meet this boy.”
She went back to reading her kindle and I began packing my suitcase for my return flight to LA. “When are you getting confirmed?”, asked my father. “When the Raiders win the AFC West”. I told him. Then he slapped himself on his head and pretended
to cry. It was a good visit.


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