The stapler throwing boss.

The second job I had in LA was working for for a very high strung Hollywood publicist. On my third day at work, I sent flowers to the wrong client. She fired me on the spot and threw a stapler at me. Luckily I ducked and the flying stapler missed me and shattered her favorite vase which made her even more angry. The next day she called me crying. She hated my replacement. She begged me to come back. I told her I would come back if she would pay me more and not throw another stapler at me. On my third day, I didn’t make the Fed Ex deadline and she threw the stapler at me again. Again, I dodged the staper and this time the stapler hit her miniature poodle, which really enraged her to point of meltdown.. I fled the office, periodically peering over my left shoulder . My eyes searching manically for an airborne stapler. The next day she called me crying, more like weeping , because she hated the guy who replaced me. She called him a ” brain dead surfer cretin” . I told her that I would never work for her again before I hung up she shouted. ” If it was possible I would throw a stapler at you through the phone right now!!!!”. Lucky for me that was not possible some 15 years ago.


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