The implosion of law enforcement

I do not believe that all Police Officers are bad people. In fact I have a few friends who are of sound judgement and character and care about the communities they patrol. But the credibility of police departments across our great nation has diminished to a very dangerous low point. Communities are smoldering with fiery rage. I’m disgusted and sickened by the continuation of extreme brutality of Officers of the Law, particularly in disadvantaged communities. I had a young black man in one of my FYI FILMS classes tell me one day. And this was a fifteen year old young black man from the city of Compton tell me and my students ” We are expandable Mr. Munoz,” I asked him why he felt this way, and then he stood up on his desk chair, and with the voice of Paul Robeson, he articulated with the passion of a preacher his reason for saying what he did. ” I probably will not pass the SAT, because I can’t go to school every day cuz I gotta help my mom pay the rent and bills. If I don’t pass the SAT, I won’t go to college, if I don’t go to college, I won’t get a good job, if I don’t get a good job, I won’t pay a lot of taxes and I won’t become a good American consumer. Therefor I am expendable.” These were exact words from a fifteen year old incarcerated youth. Than he sank into his seat , as sadness filled eyes. This kind of mindset amongst our youth much change. He awakened me and my students , so at that moment I cancelled the film class that day and we instead had a productive round table discussion about changes that must be made so that young people from disadvantaged communities can begin to develop a better sense of hope for their future. I still have the list of the incredibly progressive, innovative, and promising ideas on how we can become a more harmonious society and create opportunities for people to rise and fulfill their potential. One day I will organize these thoughts into a cohesive commentary or op ed. But as I drove home from class that day, I drove through skid row in DTLA, and I thought to myself ” This is not the America I was taught about in school. This is not the America my parents, uncles, aunts, and great grandparents told me about. What the hell happened? What happened? We have lost our way. We have gone awry. And if change doesn’t come soon. We will experience an unpleasant upheaval / purging. This downward spiral cannot continue. Temporary top gap measures won’t work. Neither will bandaids. We need long term policy changes, and for that to happen it’s WE THE PEOPLE who must act. As for me, I think that all Police Officers should be required to have a four year college degree, and their needs to be mind blowing and radical measures implemented to reform police Commissions and Police departments across the board and across the nation. Stay tuned for a short video to be streamed soon addressing what I have expressed above. I just saw that video of Police officers throwing black teens to the ground at a summer pool party, and I got steam shooting out of my ears, nose, mouth and fingers right now.


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