Kruschev, Disneyland and Marilyn Monroe

During his visit to Los Angeles, Kruschev was not allowed to visit Disneyland, because the US Govt did not have ample time to set up proper security measures. The day before he left, he gave a speech and Marilyn Monroe attended. She is often perceived as an air head, but she was actually quite intelligent. She was just a very nervous person. After Kruschev’s speech, the media and press surrounded Marilyn and asked her ” Why did you come to hear Kruschev’s speech? ” to which she replied ” Because I thought it would be interesting “. ” What do you mean by interesting?” asked a LA Times reporter. ” What do you think it means? ” She replied as she flashed her friendly / seductive smile. Than she made a bee line for her waiting limo. Supposedly Kruschev ran up to her limo demading entry. Marilyn just waved at him and told her driver to ” STEP ON IT!|. Kruschev waved , than turned to the press and media and said. ” I have nothing else to say. No Disneyland and No Marilyn Monroe for me. I am now very unhappy man. “


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