My Dad

My dad is a kingly and supremely generous, compassionate , and loving father. As a lot of you know over a year ago he was diagnosed with colon cancer. When I arrived at the emergency room, he was anemic. He had only two pints of blood in him. Yet he had the strength to sit up and give me a hearty embrace when I entered the room. . Than he offered me cash to buy myself a hamburger and fries ! ” You look hungry son.” He said. That’s the kind of father he is. A few days later on Christmas Eve we all huddled in a quiet corner while he had emergency surgery. When they wheeled him out of the surgery room he gave us an emphatic Joe Mantana-esque thumbs up! I admire his strength and courage. And , I am grateful for his unparalleled come back. I went home a few months later for Easter and he was mowing the lawn! My dad was , and still is a great protector. When my parents hired baby sitters to watch us, he would train the baby sitter how to spot me as I climbed up the tall ladder to the top bunk. He would make the baby sitter practice at least three times before taking my mom out for an evening outing. He was a top notch football , basketball , and baseball coach. He was also a great QB and Point Guard back in the day. He taught me everything I know about sports, gardening, BBQing, and most importantly he taught my siblings and I all about all kindness and compassion. My dad worked his ass off to make sure we had what we needed. He was not able to come to many of my highschool swim meets because he had a stressful job and strict boss. But he showed up to my last swim meet just as I stepped onto the starting block. I was swimming the 100M Breast stroke. My best event, and I shaved 1.56 seconds off my time and took first place by almost half a lap. It was my best time ever. When I came out of the pool my dad came over to pick me up , I got his work clothes all wet but he didn’t care. ” Good job son”, he told me! “I have to get back to work, but I”m glad I got to see you win! Good job son! ” My dad also has a great sense of humor and within him dwells a very warm playful spirit. The other photo is of me and my dad sneaking cocktails while everyone was out shopping lol. Hu guiaya hao dad!dad harry


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