American in Berlin

Kinda embarrassing when you’re feeling real sportlich ( athletic) running laps on a track on an all pro track while sporting a Derek Carr Jersey. Than a stray soccer ball comes your way during a girls high school soccer practice, and when you try to kick the ball back to them, the ball travels fifty feet behind you. Their muffled laughter does not go unnoticed of course. Than you feel kinda better when another stray ball comes your way, and this time you throw it back to them like a football. I hear shouts of :
“Veil Besser!” “Much Better !” and assorted half hearted clapping.
Then one of the girls ask
“Where are you from?”
” From the US,” I shouted!
“” Typical American Male! Knows very little about soccer!”
” But you only beat us 1-0″ I replied.
“But we still beat you”, shouts another girl.
Than than the goalie makes me an offer I cannot refuse.
” Score one penalty kick against me and I give you a German soccer ball!”
” Alle ist klar!” I replied. ” I am down! I’m thinking, surely I can make one.
I was 0 for 5. She blocked 4 goals and one went over the goal post, but it would have been a perfect PAT or short Field Goal ” She was amazing. She gave me the soccer ball anyway just for being a good sport! Ganz gut!


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