Americans singing Amazing Grace while in US Customs Line at LAX INTL

Last night while in the US Customs line at LAX International terminal. A Black woman was watching President Obama’s Eulogy of Reverend Pinckney on her i Phone. Than suddenly she started belting out the lyrics to Amazing Grace. At first we turned to look at her. Her grief was pouring out  her mouth like a faucet on full open. Than two other women joined in, and two married couples joined in, then three other people joined, than I joined in. ( I knew all the lyrics ONLY because my high school teacher went out of her way to teach us the importance of negro spirituals – Thank you Ms. De Shera). Soon all the Americans in the customs line began singing. We tried to join hands but our hand holding was constantly disrupted as the line moved forward because we had to pull our luggage forward.  But our voices were intertwined, our voices became one voice, and even some of the US Customs workers began singing. It was a powerful and magical moment during which all of us were bonded in mourning of the innocent victims in  Charleston. The Foreign visitors turned to stare at us some smiling some crying. Most of them probably did not understand all the words, but they knew what we were feeling. I was in a good mood on my fight home , my spirits buoyed by the Supreme Court upholding the legalities of the Affordable Care Act, and Equality for the LGBT Community, but I was reminded that there is still work to be done. In any case, I can’t remember when a President’s actions inspired strangers to bond together in unity through song. While waiting for my ride , a vacationing Norwegian married couple said to me ” I like you Americans. Your country is changing, and it’s beautiful.” The two women walked away, lovingly locked arm in arm. They gave each other a kiss. Then they looked over their shoulders and gave me a nice wink. Glad to be home…worship-hands


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