Only in #DTLA! I’m not your mama!

I just saw the craziest thing in DTLA. A police officer was texting while driving one of those two wheeled vehicles, you know the ones where you stand up and zip around? Than she ran into a parked car. She wasn’t hurt and her vehicle wasn’t damaged. A woman in a beautiful burgundy T roof old school 77″ Monte Carlo low rider who was at a stop light told her.
” That’s what you get for texting and driving! And you are a police officer? Crazy! ”
She took a photo of the police officer and started posting her story on FB. The police officer ran over and started writing her a ticket.
” Yes that’s right Mama. I’m a police officer and I ‘m ticketing you for posting while driving.”
” But I”m not driving.” Explained the woman. ” The light is still red. I’m not moving.”
” Your motor is on and you are in a live lane. ” The officer ripped the citation out of her mini ticket computer, handed it to the woman and walked away.
“Have a good day Mama.” she said with a smug smirk of revenge on her face.
It was at that moment when the police officer than noticed that her iPhone was laying face up on the street. It had flown from her hands when she crashed into the car. The light turned green and the woman in the Monte Carlo drove over it, while honking and punching the thickened hot and humid LA air with her left fist .
” I’M NOT YOUR MAMA!” She shouted.


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