Hollyweird. ISO Joan Didion

This really happened today at our audition. A frantic actress entered the room. My casting staff member Cherry Pie asked her :
“Are you ok? ”
“No! I haven’t been called in, and I’ve been here for an hour!”
” What’s your name?” asked Cherry Pie.
” Heather Lachner. My name is Heather Lachner”, replied the flustered actress with Farrah Fawcett feathered back hair.
” Let me have a look “, said Cherry Pie as she looked through the list of scheduled actors. ”
” I don’t have a Heather Lachner. Sorry.”
” Because I changed my name to Mary Lambini.”
” Why didn’t you sign in as Mary Lambini?” Asked Cherry Pie.
” Well I just changed my name, thats why!” Shouted Mary Lambini.
” When did you change your name?”
” This morning! And I ‘m tired of waiting, and I have another audition.”
” Ok then come in Mary.”
” My name is Heather! Gosh-O-Matic!” The collective eye roll amongst my staff was enough to shift earth’s axis. She slammed her headshot onto the table and the name on her head shot was Diane Loca. ‪#‎hollyweird‬


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