The Gold Pen, the KGB Talent Agent , and Sunny Chine

This really happened at my last audition. This old school eightyish Russian Mafioso agent dude with really bad b.o. raced into our audition room. We all crumpled our noses as his B.O. invaded the room. He kept entering the casting room insisting that I pay special attention to his new and precious client SUNNY CHINE. He looked like a KGB officer from the Breshnev days. One of my casting assistants Cherry Pie, told him that Sunny Chine would have to wait her turn. Then the Russian Agent handed me an elegant fountain pain painted in gold! It was heavy too. Weighed at least 8 oz.
” I am Mr. Krieglov”, he announced and this is a very special, expensive, luxurious pen for you.” I immediately held my hand up
” I can’t accept this gift. But thank you. ”
” You take this pen. You keep this pen. And you bring my client Sunny Chine to call backs.
” Homie don’t play that.” I told him.
” What does that mean? I understand you not? ”
” I cannot accept this pen. Now, please leave so we can continue.”
Fast Forward to 20 minutes later, and Sunny Chine blows us all away with an other worldly audition. She was so light of being during her performance I could swear she was levitating. Her audition was flawless. One of the best I have ever seen. After she left the room, my other casting assistant, Gudring, handed me the gold pen.
” Sunny’s manger told me to give this to you.” I ran out of the audition room and looked for Mr. Krieglov and Sunny in the waiting area. They were no where to be found. Than I went outside, just as he drove off in his gold Rolls Royce. He and Sunny both waved at me smiling as if there was no tomorrow. They waved like Royals. The pen is beautiful. I really like it, but I plan to return it at call backs. Unless of course Sunny gets the part, and Mr. Krieglov brings me a fresh bottle of black Indian ink. ‪#‎hollyweird‬Sheaffer_Targa_Fountain_Pen_44


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