Doggy Problems in LA

Overheard today at Starbucks. A very disheveled looking man was in front of me in line. He called his boss, and he had his phone on speaker phone so we were all ear witnesses to the funny exchange.
Man : Hi. Unfortunately I won’t be able to come into work today.
Boss: Are you sick?
Man: No , my dog told me that she needs me to spend time with her today.
Boss: Your dog told you this?
Man: Yes, I woke up and she told me to stay home because we lack quality time together.
Boss: You can bring her to the office. We really need you today, I’ll even bring special doggy treats.
Man: No, she doesn’t want to go into the office today. She wants us to have time together away from the office.
Boss: Well than can you get some work done virtually.
Man: I am being very clear to you. Peppermint and I need time together. I will come in early tomorrow.
He hung up, and ordered a Venti Latte, and two breakfast sandwiches. One for him and one for Peppermint. I was tempted to ask him to see a photo of Peppermint, but he was busy declining his Boss’ repeated calls.


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