#‎DLTA‬ Bus Stop III: Went for a late night walk to cool my mind off after writing a smoldering/ heated scene between a rebelous son and stubborn slash emotinonally reckless mother. Bought myself an iced coffee at Famima, and sat down amongst a group of restless folks waiting for the bus. Two dudes from BH, the BH east of Labrea, were arguing over which poptarts were better, the frosted ones or unfrosted ones. Some sexy ass Mexican girl in all red and killer pillow lips , was pushing her man off her fussing like a mad centipede. “It’s too hot to be hugging up all over me right now pa.” She explained ” And you know how I feel about to much extra PDA”. He recoiled into a ball of rejection. I was drawn to the woman seated next to me, she was drawing a beautiful gown. It was cobalt blue with slashes of fire red rubies wrapped around the waist ” You a designer” , I asked her. ” No, but I always wanted to be one. I think I would been a good one too, but my husband died less than two years after we got married, and had to get me a secretary job for some sleazy ass divorce lawyer. Hated the job, but I had to make sure my children had food, clothes, and a roof over their heads”. ” Nice dress.” I told her. I pulled out my i Phone and shined my flashlight on it. The Mexican girl came over and looked closely at the gown. ” OMG! That’s beautiful.” she yelled. The elderly woman smiled, bloated with respect and approval. ” I’m designing it for my grand daughter. She started college this week. She’ll be the first one in my family to graduate from college .” She started tearing up. ” Wassup Ma? You ok?” Asked the Mexican girl. ” I’m ill”, explained the elderly woman. ” I just wanna make it as soon as I can so she has something nice to wear for her graduation.” The Mexican girl, put her arm around the elderly woman. ” Don’t worry Ma, you’ll make that gown and you’ll be at her graduation too, I know cuz God gave me a psychic ability.” The elderly woman looked at the girl. ” You are very kind. You want a piece of gum or a mint? You kinda need one.” I tried hard not to laugh, the bus arrived just in time to save my ass! LOL!4539046337_d6202b6cd7_m



At a DTLA bus stop today, yet another affirmation about the connectivity of all us human beings. A woman showed us her daughter’s Quincinera’s dress, which she needs to finish by Friday because the event is on Sat. But she was in panic mode because she could not find the right beads to finish the dress . A black woman told her where to go to get the oval shaped jade green beads her daughter insisted on having on her dress. The Latina woman hugged the black woman, and offered her a five dollar Starbucks gift card, which the black woman declined. ” You just get your daughter’s dress made ok? Besides I don’t like coffee.” Another women showed us a brand new dvd copy of ROGER RABBIT. We asked her to explain why she was proudly waving the dvd of Roger Rabbit in front of our all our faces. When she was ten years old her mother was about to take her and her best friend to see Roger Rabbit, but her mother walked in on her daughter kissing her best (Female) friend on the top bunk. She looked at them and said ” Tell Natalie to go home. And we won’t be going to see Roger Rabbit today.” Her mother gave her daugher dvd copy of ROGER RABBIT last night as a birthday gift to communicate acceptance. You could tell it meant a lot to the mid thirties woman , she was all smiles as she ate her banana flavored laffy taffy. The bus came by and scooped everyone up except for me and this elderly woman. ” Why aren’t you getting on the bus?” I asked. ” I come here to listen to people and their struggles. Their pain,their wounds, and their hardship. Than I pray for them.” I invited her to coffee but she declined . ” I don’t like coffee”, but you get along and have a productive day young man.” I walked off, I turned around and saw the woman praying. Her ruby red rosary beads glistened in the late afternoon sun like red balls of fire. I wiped the sweat of my brow and went back to my loft to work.


I think every one should spend one hour a week sitting at a bus stop in your home city. Once a week I sit at a bus stop in DTLA and listen to hear what people are saying. Today a cleaning lady from San Salvador, boasted to her friend that she was only $200. away from buying her sixteen year old son his first car. A Russian man expressed his relief and gratitude that his daughter’s surgery was very successful and that she would be returning home by the end of the day. An elderly black man started singing Al Green’s LOVE AND HAPPINESS, and we all got real quiet. Because his voice soothed us all…he had the soul of Marvin Gaye and the projection/ command of Paul Robeson. A teenage skate boarder began playing beats on his board to the man’s singing. I have a bad habit of getting trapped in my own own head and thick thoughts that interlace at times causing moments of disorientation, but when I sit at the bus stops, the universe seems like a very peaceful place to me.

Mare Street, Hackney

Mare Street, Hackney