I think every one should spend one hour a week sitting at a bus stop in your home city. Once a week I sit at a bus stop in DTLA and listen to hear what people are saying. Today a cleaning lady from San Salvador, boasted to her friend that she was only $200. away from buying her sixteen year old son his first car. A Russian man expressed his relief and gratitude that his daughter’s surgery was very successful and that she would be returning home by the end of the day. An elderly black man started singing Al Green’s LOVE AND HAPPINESS, and we all got real quiet. Because his voice soothed us all…he had the soul of Marvin Gaye and the projection/ command of Paul Robeson. A teenage skate boarder began playing beats on his board to the man’s singing. I have a bad habit of getting trapped in my own own head and thick thoughts that interlace at times causing moments of disorientation, but when I sit at the bus stops, the universe seems like a very peaceful place to me.

Mare Street, Hackney

Mare Street, Hackney


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