Maggie May

I was seated next to a women on the Dallas to LAX flight last night. She was pounding gin and tonics like a UCSB Frat Boy. She started getting a little giggly.
” Are you ok?” I asked.
” I am the best I have been in years” she exclaimed.
” That’s good.”
” I just snapped out of a 17 year depression!” She shouted. People in the six rows in front of us all turned around and stared at us.
” Wow” I sad. ” Congratulations”
” My name is Maggie May ” said the woman. She was dressed in tie dye jeans and a cobalt blue batik top. Her toe nails were painted to resemble fifty fifty bars. Bright orange and white. Her wire glasses were completely crooked on her face.
“And before you ask. Yes my mom liked Rod Stewart. She named me after that song. ” I feel so good right now!”
“Maybe you should lay off on the gin.”
“Why should I? she asked
“Well why numb yourself if you feel good?”
“Are you judging me?”
“No” I replied trying to reason with her. “Look. I pointed at my empty bottle of Bombay Sapphire Gin and half consumed can of tonic.
” I can tell you all about yourself mister. But right now I need to focus on me and me. ”
She looked around than shifted into a spy whisper.
” I met the man of my dreams on E Harmony. I’m so excited. We’re meeting tonight for the first time. His name is Hugo, and he’s so smart and romantic.
” Is that what helped you escape your depression? ” I asked.
“No, it was something a homeless woman told me.”
“What did she tell you?”
” I was in San Diego and this homeless woman comes up to me and sings.., ‘ What good is sitting alone in your room? Come hear the music play. Life is a Cabaret old friend. Come to the Cabaret.”
” I have the same birthday as Liza Minelli” I told her.
“Isn’t that wonderful. It was simply meant to be that we sit together on this flight. ” Maggie May then leaned back her chair and stared at the soft almond colored clouds float by us as we began to descend.
” I don’t care if our plane crashes tonight” she explained. ” Because if I die today, at least I won’t die in a depressed state.”
In the baggage area. Maggie Mae and I stood waiting for our luggage. I didn’t realize how tall she was. She was at least 6’2″. Maggie Mae grabbed her over stuffed suit case, and as she turned around, there, standing in front of her was Hugo. He couldn’t be more than four feet tall. He was dressed in all Chicago Bulls garb, and in his right arm , was the most perfect dozen roses I had ever seen, wrapped in black paper. He hopped onto the railing of the baggage carousel so that they were eye to eye and handed Maggie May the roses. They began to make out. It was very passionate.
“C’mon” said Hugo ever so lovingly ” Let’s go to the Cabaret.”
Everyone in the baggage area started clapping. Happy that two people who needed to feel loved found each other.