Angels around us. I parked my bike in DTLA, and only locked my bike frame to the bike lock station. When I came out of the bank someone stole my new bike seat and my expensive front mountain bike tire. Expletives tumbled out of my mouth as fast as Osweiler was slammed to the turf by Khalil Mack on Sunday. A wise looking Rabbi with a beard that ended below his knee caps took note of my disgust and said. ” God has a reason for everything that happens.” as he smiled kindly at me . I felt like telling him to mind his own damn business. But my heart softened when I saw him help an elderly woman cross the street. My anger uncoiled as I hoisted my stripped down bike and began walking down the street. I got kinda tired and sat down in the park. A man sat down next to me and asked me what was wrong. When I explained my frustration about my bike seat and front wheel being stolen, he said. ” Ah, that’s nothing young man. There’s a bike shop right around the corner, and you can walk there, but I can’t.” I was so locked in my anger, I just stared at a wild dandelion growing in a crack in the sidewalk. I finally looked over at the man talking to me and noticed he was in a wheel chair, both legs amputated He was driving a jeep and ran over a mine field bomb while in Iraq. He extended a roll of wintergreen lifesavers. ” Care for a mint? ” he asked. ” Sure” I grabbed one and popped it into my mouth as I rose to my feet. ” Did you know if you chew these in the dark they shoot sparks from your mouth. You gotta do it when your room is dark under your blanket.” I laughed as he handed me his entire roll of wintergreen life savers. ” Here take these and happy holidays” He whisked away while singing “IT’S A HOLLY JOLLY CHRISTMAS”. I went to the bike store and bought a replacement front tire and new seat. On my way out a lady in a Sees Candy uniform stood waiting at the bus stop. She handed me a one pound box of candy. ” This is for you baby” she said. ” Why?” I asked? ” Cuz you look like you been through it today honey. Just be glad you are alive breathing the fresh cold air and walking on two legs, and got people in your life who you love and love you. ” The bus pulled up and she hopped on. See, there are angels all around us…all the time….whether it’s the holidays or not.


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