Angels in Los Angeles

The last story I posted suggested the possibility that angels are always among us. Well, if this following story is not an affirmation of that , than I don’t know what is. A few nights ago I went to a Korean spa to sweat out this stubborn cold I have had for a few days now. I Brought 3 gallons of electrolyte water to keep myself hydrated. I was so relaxed when I left the spa that I decided to walk my new expensive mountain bike to the metro station. I crossed a street that was particularly dark because the street light was out. Suddenly a huge black truck, with a super cab, pulls up and two guys come at me with baseball bats in their hands. I knew I could not out run them so I rolled my bike at them to slow them down. My bike was my only defense. One of the guys knocked the bike down, while a third guy jumped from truck, scooped up the bike and threw it in the back the track. Than the first guy , who was twice my size and about half my age …a streak of hot blazing anger in his eyes, pinned me against the cyclone fence.
” Give me your back pack Bitch.”
He demanded. I kicked him in the shin and told him. He tried hard to rip the back pack from my body, but I refused to let go. I knew he could not strike me with his bat because he threw it down to grab me with both his hands.
“Hell no.’ I replied. Than I shouted for help. And my voice reached people living in the tall apartment across the empty lot.
The first guy threw me back against the fence when suddenly a woman in a parked car on the street starts HONKING her car repeatedly. A guy came out on his balcony and yelled.
” I”m calling the police!.”
Suddenly the three guys jump back into the truck and race off. But not before I ran to the middle of the street and memorized their license plate.. The woman who honked her horn invited me to sit in her car. I noticed a rosary with Ruby Red Rosary beads swinging back and forth as if the tail of a giant grandfather clock.
” I’m ANGELa” She extended her hand. I grabbed her hand , and it had a strange yet comforting warmth to it. . She saw me staring at the rosary.
” Are you Catholic?” she asked
” I was raised Catholic, but never got confirmed. ”
” I didn’t get confirmed either” She offered me some left over Christmas cookies in the shapes of Angels, Bells, and Holly Leafs.
“No thanks”. I said. ” I think you are my angel today.”
” Well I’m just glad that you are not hurt. The only reason why I was parked here is because my mom called me and I don’t like talking while driving. Especially with my mom. Imagine getting in a car accident while your cell phone is on and your mother is on the other end. ”
The police arrived, and took my report. My recollection of the license plate matched Angela’s, so I hope they catch these guys.
But than I realized the word ANGEL is built into ANGELA.
Regarding the back pack. It was not because I had my i Phone and wallet in my in the bottom pocket, that made defend it like a mad man. Every day I go somewhere with a bag, I place a good luck charm in it. Usually it is something meaningful a family member or close friend has given me. That night I had in my back pack a necklace my father made me. He gave it to me as a good luck and protective charm. The necklace has a football on it, an angel, a cross, a squirrel and a camera. I did not whant this guy to have this very special gift my father gave me. I have a strange brain, when I experience these intense moments of crisis, everything slows down for me. While pinned against the fence I told myself.
“I am not going to die. I may get hurt and may have to be hospitalized but tonight I will not die. How can God be ready for me? The Raiders haven’t won another Super Bowl and I have not finished shooting my feature film , which actually explores the omniprescence of Angels. That was when Angela started honking her horn. Ok, time to go to the used bike store. Wishing you all a healthy, happy and prosperous New year!angels


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