Teriyaki trouble

My producing partner has a really bad habit of bringing a mini bottle of Teriyaki sauce to restaurants and slathering anything he orders with it. Today we had a very important lunch meeting with a very important funder from Paris. We took her out to eat at a very upscale and top notch Italian restaurant. The funder Gigi, was mortified when my producing partner pulled his mini bottle of Teriyaki sauce from of his new and stylish Tumi back pack and sprinkled Teriyaki sauce all over his Fettuccine Alfredo. Minutes later, Gigi almost fainted when he poured more Teriyaki sauce all over his Creme Bulee. The lunch meeting was abruptly ended. She asked to speak to me privately.
” I will make a contribution to your film project. But I will never in the world dine with your producing partner ever again . Not here, not in Paris, not in Berlin. No where. The check will be in the mail on Monday. And tell that imbecile to get it together. ” She hopped in her limo and drove off. I turned around and my producing partner was drinking the last of the terriyaki sauce from his bottle. I shook my head as he discarded the empty bottle into the trash can.
” Why are you tripping he asked? Is she on board?”
I just shook my head and said.
” Yeah , she’s on . Let’s go have coffee and talk.”
” Can we go to Rite Aid first? I”m out of Teriyaki sauce.”Kikkoman_Teriyaki_9247










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