Duendes do exist.

On my last day in Guam, my lap top which was in an attache’ case somehow fell out of the car in the parking lot of an apartment complex. Later that night I began to panic because I realized my lap top was missing. I went back to the apartment complex super early the next morning, and a neighbor said, that around midnight, she saw a young child with an elf like hat working on my computer. Another neighbor also saw the small child on my lap top. She said that the child was giggling uncontrollably. My friend who lives in the apartment complex found my lap top in the attache case, it was bookend ended with two over sized coconuts, and a plumeria blossom rested on the top of my attache’ case. The attache’ case was carefully placed under the over hang of the apartment building to shield it from rain. What a thoughtful and kind little Duendes!



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