Ein Amerikaner im Berlin

Alex C. Muñoz

While waiting to meet funders at the Hotel Adlon a large group of people impeccably dressed in orange and black entered the lobby. I lept to my feet, made a beeline to them and said. ” You all must be SF Giants fans! Yeah!” I offered up my right hand for celebratory high fives, but they just stared at me. One of the men smiled and gently placed his hand on my shoulder.
” No kind sir. We are Princeton graduates. Orange and black are our colors”.
” Well they are my colors too” I responded. ” I love the SF Giants.”
” Have you ever visited Princeton?” a woman with a face as sweet as cheery pie asked. She had super elegant orange and black Hermes scarf draped over her shoulders .
” No. I”m afraid I haven’t. But I will be visiting Harvard in a few months” …

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