Ein Amerikaner im Berlin

While waiting to meet funders at the Hotel Adlon a large group of people impeccably dressed in orange and black entered the lobby. I lept to my feet, made a beeline to them and said. ” You all must be SF Giants fans! Yeah!” I offered up my right hand for celebratory high fives, but they just stared at me. One of the men smiled and gently placed his hand on my shoulder.
” No kind sir. We are Princeton graduates. Orange and black are our colors”.
” Well they are my colors too” I responded. ” I love the SF Giants.”
” Have you ever visited Princeton?” a woman with a face as sweet as cheery pie asked. She had super elegant orange and black Hermes scarf draped over her shoulders .
” No. I”m afraid I haven’t. But I will be visiting Harvard in a few months” . The woman sucked air through her teeth and rolled her eyes.
” Why don’t you join us for drinks up in our private banquet room”
” Thank you ” I replied. ” I certainly will.”
” But first let me ask you. Are you voting for Trump? ”
” No, a Trump Presidency would be unfathomable” I said with serious conviction.
” Than you are welcome to join us.” She said with a warm smile.
So I walk with this small crowd of Princeton Alumni up the stairs and enter this incredibly decorated room that was fit for Royalty. The Dean spoke about the future of Princeton. And he projected a slide of an infographic which listed the most important Universities in the US . In this order: Princeton, Yale, Harvard, University of Pennsylvania, Columbia, Cornell, Stanford, and UC Berkley. ”
” What about USC? I asked?
The Dean smiled and said, well if we were focussed on film school or communications than we would list USC. Than two Princeton Alumni started singing the USC Fight Song. Turns out, they attended USC as Undergrads. People were laughing and clapping, when suddenly a few other people stood up and began singing the UCLA Fight song. So no matter what corner of the world you are in the USC vs UCLA rivalry remains intact, heightened and very much ALIVE. But I would never treat a UCLA BRUIN fan the way Trump treats his rivals! As I left the gathering I shouted GO GIANTS! Before I left they handed me some Princeton swank and a GO HILLARY badge.


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