The Chocolate Lab and Hermes Scarf

……SPRING ist jetzt angekommen

Alex C. Muñoz

Was in an elevator when an elderly gentleman entered. There was a somber aura about him. His very friendly chocolate lab had a colorful Hermes scarf wrapped around it’s neck. I laughed and asked the man.
” Uh, is that a Hermes scarf around your dog’s neck?”
Than the man started crying .
” Are you ok?” I asked him.
” Forgive me. My wife passed away two days ago.” I quickly rummaged through my mind for the word CONDOLENCES in German, but could not find it. I was lost in my vault of faulty German vocabulary and my tongue turned into a sad stone.
” The scarf that Ellie wears around her neck, was my wife’s favorite scarf, and she wore it all the time. When she died, Ellie pulled it out of the closet and laid on it for the whole day.”
The elevator door opened, and Ellie…

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