My funder and the floor bound filets.


Very awkward moment tonight. A very affluent funder took me to dinner at a super ritzy restaurant in Berlin to hear my pitch for my next feature film. She insisted on ordering me her favorite entree . Two chicken filets in a special buttery secret sauce. It tasted terrible. Like rose petals mixed with licorice and spoiled cheese. I mean the presentation was great, but the chicken smelled and tasted rancid. Lucky for me my funder received an important call on her cell phone (they call it a HANDY in Germany) She went out side to take the call. In most of Europe it is considered very rude to talk on your handy in a restaurant. While my funder was outside on the phone, I quickly rummaged through my gear pack and emptied my transparent pen/ pencil pouch . I stuffed the two chicken breast filets in the zip lock pen pouch and shoved it back into my gear pack just before she arrived. I was relieved. But I forgot to zip my gear pack shut, and moments later the clumsy waiter bumped into the chair next to me and out popped the zip lock pen pouch with the two chicken filets in it! My funder glared at me and said in a very thick German accent.
” I’m deducting 10 percent of my contribution for each discarded filet. I am so disappointed you at you right now Alexander! ” I was speechless and felt bloated with embarrassment. Than she started laughing and said.
” Don’t worry darling. Order something else, and of course I will give you the contribution you asked for. But next time YOU pay for dinner.”
” By all means of course Frau Mehrblum! ” ‪#‎Hustle‬&Grind!


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