Another Java Tale


Overheard at a non Starbucks Cafe.
Customer ” Do you have non fat milk?|
Barista ” Is the Pope Catholic?
Customer ” Let me speak to the manager.”
Barista ” I am the manager.”
Customer ” I have 20K Twitter followers, you can bet your sarcastic spine that I will tweet about your toxic attitude.”
Barista ” How about a delicious cup of coffee with non fat milk on the house.”
Customer ” Now, that’s better.”
While the Barista prepares her order, the customer turns to the rest of us in line and says beamingly. ” The currency of Twitter followers gives us consumers REAL power.” She grabs her coffee and walks off.
Barista “The currency of being a Barista. I put 100% creme in her coffee, while she was bragging about her twitter power.”


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