Me and Prince, a personal encounter


ME AND PRINCE. The first week I moved to LA, I got an internship with a huge production company which specialized in music videos. I applied for the internship in case I didn’t get accepted to film school. I was determined to become filmmaker , even if I didn’t get into film school. IN any case on the second day of my internship a producer walks up to me and says . “How would you like to be a stand in for a big rock star? You are about his size and skin color. Are you interested?”
” Sure . Who is the rock star?”
” Oh we can’t tell you that. It’s top secret. Be on set tomorrow morning at 6 AM.” He handed me a call sheet.
The next day I am on set while they are lighting a scene with a rotating piano and purple and lavender flower petals all over the floor, and the DP says.
” Thanks Alex you can step off the set now.” I turned around and I was face to face with the one and only PRINCE. He just smiled and said.
” Uh, can we change places? ”
” Sure” I walked away. His vibe was other worldly. As if he was from another galaxy. It was the first time I was literally gripped by the intensity of an artist’s creative vibe. At this time I was not a huge Prince fan, but when I saw him playing different instruments and writing sheet music between takes, I knew that he truly was a genius.
On the sixth day of the shoot, I received news that I got accepted into USC FILM SCHOOL. I proudly showed my letter of acceptance to Prince’s band mates. Prince kinda chuckled at me, and called me over.
” Come here man.” He told me with a very base heavy voice.
” Congratulations, but don’t do it the Hollywood way. Break the rules, be innovative, take chances, and DO IT YOUR WAY. Otherwise you will make nothing interesting. ” He gave me a hearty pat on the shoulder. ” I”m telling you man, DO IT YOUR WAY. On the last day of filming, I was sitting on Prince’s piano bench , I looked down and saw Prince’s PEARL tie pin. I scooped it up and my mind flash forwarded to a fantasy scene that involved me giving Prince’s expensive tie pin to my brother PC who is a huge Prince fan . But my hand would not go into my pocket. As hard as I tried, my hand would not enter my pocket. And than I realized , that it was not the right thing to do. Than Prince walks up and says.
” Can we change places again?”
” Sure” I said. Then I handed him his pearl tie pin .
” Dayum , I didn’t realize I lost it. ” He exclaimed as he put it back on
” YOu’re a good guy. Most people would have taken it and auctioned it on EBAY.”
” Well” I sheepishly admitted ” I was tempted to pocket it and give it to my little brother who is your biggest fan in San Francisco” He laughed , showing off his perfectly aligned white teeth and said.
” You’re a good guy. And remember don’t go Hollywood. Than he looked over at his back up singer, the mighty and uber talented  Rosey Gaines, and said.
” Rosey pray for this brother because we don’t want him entering the devil’s den.” Rosey took me to the corner and prayed with me. ” Dear Father let this boy do good. Let him do good work and protect him from the dark forces ” When she finished Prince shouted AMEN!
This moment forever changed me as an artist. Thank you Prince ….may you dance to the Electric up there….for eternity. Family and Friends, Brothers and Sisters, he was one of the greatest of all times. There is divine purpose to EVERY ENCOUNTER we have while walking this earth. Thank you again Prince.prince-purple-rain-ws-710


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