Dear WE THE PEOPLE. There is a HUGE difference between the Spirit of ’76 and the Spirit of 2016. Connect the dots, and you will see a vivid and troubling trajectory. We need to pay very close attention. Trump recruited key staff member Steve Bannon to advise him on domestic policy. Bannon has clear and frightening ties to the KKK and other White Supremacy groups. On the air he once said ” We need to bitch slap all the Republican women, and get them to fall into line, and join our side.” There is no place for people like him in our White House. And he is also within close proximity of Mr. Trump 24/7. Trump is considering selecting John ” BOMB Iran” Bolton who wanted to bomb Iran 6 years ago. Again, the ironic reverb, because Trump repeatedly said he is against war in the Middle East. On 11.9 in 1989 the Berlin Wall came down. The entire free world cheered. Celebrating the destruction of an oppressive wall which divided people. And on 11.9 in 2016 Trump repeated his promise to build a wall. I have been to several schools in low income areas across our great nation. Elementary school students do not have proper desks and their tattered and torn books are over 30 years old. There are over 35 students cramped up into undersized class rooms, and the teachers are weary and worn out. Some of the class rooms do not even have heat. And Trump wants to spend money on a wall? Trump is considering building a double sided electric fence around the White House. Additionally he is ramping up to deport some of the Syrian refugees, most of whom are single mothers and children. What is next? Is he going to place a giant black cloak over the Statue of Liberty. France wants it back by the way. This fantasy notion of overturning the election, is just that. I do not believe it is a plausible pursuit. We need to accept the fact that the election is over, and the results, as difficult as they are too accept. We must. Americans are on the streets protesting Trump’s PROMISED policies. The direction he wants to take our country MUST be countered. Yesterday Trump made a personal call to a right wing radio show talk show host who said that Obama and Clinton are demons. Not figuratively, but literally. He said “they both smell of sulphur”. Can you believe people are talking like this in 2016? And even more troubling, Trump took the time to call him and thank him for his support. I was waiting to see who Mr. Trump would appoint. I was open. I clung to the single strand of hope in my soul…..perhaps, he would appoint some sharp and talented Cabinet members? But so far, the people on his list, simply buttress and amplify his agenda. A German colleague of mine called me last night and said. ” I feel sad for you, your country has grown dim.” I did not reply. ” Do you know anyone in Kalifornia who voted for Trump.” He asked. ” I know of two.” I told him. ” But I will not hate or demonize them.” The blame game never works. Did y’all know that over fifty former Americans who held high ranking Diplomatic positions just sent a letter to both Congress and the Senate, expressing that Trump’s proposed / proposed Foreign Policies are reckless , and dangerous, and will possibly lead to war? I’m hoping that level headed GOP Officials and the Dems will keep him in check. As we are now. We must.





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