Der Amerikanischer im Berlin

Over 100,000 Berliners are prepared to welcome and cheer President Obama when he gives his farewell speech. Sadly, as in 2008, I arrive in Berlin shortly after his visit. Schade und Verflixt! Word is that Angela Merkel is completely MORTIFIED by a Trump Presidency. What a class act President Obama has been. He is tutoring and mentoring the inexperienced President Elect Trump. This is the first time in US History, that Americans have elected a President with no previous experience in Government or in the armed services. Last week thousands of Berliners took to the streets and protested Trump’s proposed policies. The dominant theme of the Berlin protests was UNTRUMP THE WORLD. I arrive in Berlin next week, and look forward to being interviewed by a major German Newspaper and Berlin Radio station about the current instability and strife we are experiencing in our great Nation. I’m really looking forward to it. I will follow our President’s example and embrace grace, compassion and hope when I share my perspective. I am so grateful that we have had such a great President who inspires us all to be our best. He is an unmatchable ROLE MODEL for us all. Berlin is a very progressive city, and Germans are not trapped in myopia. They are not a geocentric people. A Trump supporter yesterday demanded that I leave the country after I expressed my deep concerns regarding Bannon and Bolton. What a mistake to leave our country during a time when we are most needed. The world certainly has changed since last Tuesday. Ich werde spass machen……now Obama’s message of HOPE resonates much stronger than in 2008.161116-obama-0435_e3a298eb9bf665aad00d238a5d4fe924-nbcnews-ux-320-320


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