The Gathering Storm and the Panther.

It was a yellow and black butterfly near Zar’s family property on Guam who first warned me. 10 years later in Colorado a black and gold butterfly repeated the same warning . The warning. That metamorphosis is neither pain-free or painless. I am an obsidian Black panther with long elegant bright white wings given to me by a Kingly American Bald Eagle in Hoopa California. My eyes are sapphire blue and I can see from very long distances because they were given to me by a beautiful and noble  hawk who soars effortlessly over the stunningly colorful Southwest Colorado landscape. She generously gave me 3 eyes. I told her I only needed two, but she insisted on giving me three. Around my neck is a glowing bright white Sinahi, it fell from the sky and landed before my feet while I was visiting my family’s property on Guahan. It landed gently, in the exact place where I last saw Nana. I looked up to the sky and thanked her for it as I placed it around my neck. When I walked through that raging fire storm I felt numb. I felt nothing and thought that perhaps, I became a zombie. I told this mischievous medicine man named Jennings about it and he explained to me that I was not numb, but rather I was protected. When I left the medicine man I met a reluctant free angel who showed me the power and beauty of the mountains in New Mexico. I am flying through the bitterly cold dark winter sky now . The thoughtful and caring Creator made a special bright blue star in the shape of a fish to guide me, so that I do not lose my way. The color of the star is akin to the beautiful Pacific turquoise waters surrounding the enchanting Mariana islands. While flying through the toxified air over North America, I began to have difficulty breathing. Out of no where my grandma appeared to me. She handed me an oval shaped piece of soft Portuguese flannel. She gently placed it over my snout to filter out the dirty air. When she left she waved good bye and I cried. A purple Prince once told me he “saw the future and it worked.” But the future I see is both shapeless and a formless, and loaded with confusing ambivalence. My Currandera warned me. Warned me that when I received my third eye, I would see things that would trouble me deeply. She foretold my encounter with Jenning the medicine man. When I first met him I had my doubts. My mind reversed when I saw him heal the badly injured left shoulder of my little brother. Later that same day I met a Bear near Durango who gave me a Louder Growl. I politely declined his growl, but he told me that I would need it. As I continue to fly over the Main Land, I look down and I see vivid orange hot lava flowing angrily in every direction, forming complicated spider weblike patterns. I cannot decipher the writing on the smoldering landscape. I do not understand the meaning …the secretly coded message, so I look to the fish shaped blue star. It’s glow grows brighter so I growl loud like my Bear friend and the thunder claps for me. Thunder’s applause energizes me. My ancestors blow feathery whispers in to my cold ears. They tell me to “keep going.” And to “grow strong”. And so I do, because a STORM is coming. And it’s going to be a bitter and epic STORM. I am a three eyed  Eagle winged black panther with no name, and I am blessed to have so many loyal , loving and devoted friends.



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