The Gathering Storm and the Panther.

Und so Weiter.

Alex C. Muñoz

It was a yellow and black butterfly near Zar’s family property on Guam who first warned me. 10 years later in Colorado a black and gold butterfly repeated the same warning . The warning. That metamorphosis is neither pain-free or painless. I am an obsidian Black panther with long elegant bright white wings given to me by a Kingly American Bald Eagle in Hoopa California. My eyes are sapphire blue and I can see from very long distances because they were given to me by a beautiful elegant hawk who soars effortlessly over the stunningly colorful Southwest Colorado landscape. She generously gave me 3 eyes. I told her I only needed two, but she insisted on giving me three. Around my neck is a glowing bright white Sinahi, it fell from the sky and landed before my feet while I was visiting my family’s property on Guahan. It landed gently…

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