Dear President Obama

Alex C. Muñoz

Dear President Obama, I still remember coming home from a full day of filming and turning on the TV. I was gripped by disbelief as I watched you and Michelle slow dance , while Beyonce sung ” AT LAST.” I got teary eyed, and every cell of my body was full of euphoric excitement. . I remember a CNN reporter cutting to Spike Lee asking him how he felt about that moment, to which he replied. “Only in America. Yup, Only in America. ” Tomorrow I will again, be gripped by disbelief but in a very different way. For weeks after the election I asked myself . ” Is this really happening?” Well I have, since then escaped my denial. I can go on and on about your many significant accomplishments. Several of them deserve praise and applause. There was not one terrorist attack under your watch. You kept us…

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