16142883_10154052298251338_8388559858282858636_nYesterday was a profound lesson in the beauty and valor of American Democracy. But what really amazed me about yesterday, was that everyone who participated was anchored in a profound sense of jubilant compassion. Yes, there was some yelling and some intense repressed rage was released, but joy, happiness, and optimism dominated the protest I observed yesterday. We were squeezed together like sardines in DTLA yesterday, yet I saw no one pushed or shoved. It was so crowded yesterday, that there was no room to march, so we walked like a giant , gentle multicolored caterpillar. A streak of happy pink seemed to dance all over us as we moved forward. And not one act of violence was reported. Not one. When I dropped my camera battery in the middle of the street, four people simultaneously stepped towards me to pick up my battery for me. As we all leaned down to retrieve my stray battery, we all froze in place , because our heads were about to collide. We became still as stone, and looked into each other’s eyes…and begun LAUGHING joyously , realizing that we were caught up in this rare rapturous celebration of shared core values. Looking at my footage from yesterday , the movement of the people was fluid and flowed like water. It was as if I was filming a Fellini film, there was harmony, rhythm and flow. And the streets and warm sidewalks of DTLA were shaken by a symphony of unity and solidarity. People behaved optimally, it went beyond civility, we were all in synch, as if locked in this dark understanding that we will need each other in the days ahead. That WE have eachother’s backs regardless of gender, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, or skin color. I realized for the first time in a long time. ” So this is AMERICA.” This is the America my grandparents and parents told me about, that I thought had been lost.


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