On Beyonce’s spellbinding performance from a non Bee Hive member.

Beyonce’s otherworldly and super transcendent performance last night, still has me dreaming. I”m still processing. I have never been an eye witness to such a spell binding and visually …

Source: On Beyonce’s spellbinding performance from a non Bee Hive member.


On Beyonce’s spellbinding performance from a non Bee Hive member.

Beyonce’s otherworldly and super transcendent performance last night, still has me dreaming. I”m still processing. I have never been an eye witness to such a spell binding and visually seductive live performance. She took a stand not only for Black Women but also for Black Mothers. Their hopes, their dreams, their pain, their joyousness anchored in divine Motherhood. What she expressed last night, transformed her into the tip of the spear of the collective black female consciousness. It was rapturous. It was exquisite. It was unforgettable. Full of soul and rich in ancestral spirit. She pulled a Queen Elizabeth and became super immortal last night with her vivid Goddess like imagery. I need to watch again and process more. I have not heard LEMONADE in it’s entirety, but I plan to now. Was never a huge Beyonce fan, (@beehive, don’t knit your brow!) but I have always respected her work ethic, drive, ambition and sublime creativity. But wow……that was truly inspiring, I had the chills during her performance. I am grateful that she made me feel something deeply, as I have been numbed up, closed off and guarded since November 8. There is such a prominent element of artifice in the entertainment industry. And at times the monstrous entertainment machine feels broken and soul dead. Last night Beyonce soulified the music industry. Continue reading

The doggy and the white out

A few month’s ago, I was traveling the “haunted highway” 152. As I ascended up a steep hill, we entered thick low cloud that seated itself comfortably on the green rolling hills. I could not see for more than 2 feet in front of my car. I had to stop. I was stuck in a WHITE OUT. The CHP were on every side of us announcing by megaphone that all cars must stop. I stepped out of my car. I looked around. We were surrounded by walls of thick white. I thought I was at a Utah Jazz home game. Hundreds of cars were in front of me , with hundreds more behind me. It was like a spooky scene out of THE SHINING. You could not even see your hand if you positioned it in front of your face. Everyone turned their cars and music off. Suddenly a woman started shouting for her minitaure Schnauzer named SUNNY. ” Help!” she cried. ” My dog jumped out and I can’t find her. HELP” Her voice rattled me, because it sounded familiar, as if my spirit knew her.
” What kind of dog is it?” Yelled someone.
” She is a white miniature Schnauzer! Her name is SUNNY, and she is white! SUNNY! SUNNY!|
” How the hell we gonna find a damn white dog in this spooky cloud!” Yelled another man.
” Does the dog have a name tag on it’s collar” a woman shouted. Maybe we can hear your dog?”
” NO! ” yelled the dog owner. ” She lost her dog id tag when we were in SF. And there is a cliff to the right, and I don’t want her to fall off the cliff. Please someone help me? SUNNY!”
” Hell no. I’m not gonna fall off some damn cliff looking for an invisible dog” yelled the grumpy man.
Everyone shouted messages of helpfulness. ” I’ll help” shouted one woman. ” I”l help too!” Yelled an elderly man.
” Don’t worry! We will find your dog!” Yelled a teen age girl. None of us could see each other, and the ominous cloud seemed to thicken.
” We ain’t gonna find no white dog in a white out.” Yelled the grumpy man.
Suddenly we heard a doggy whimper.
” Hey! I heard a dog whine. ” I yelled.
Several of us moved slowly in the direction of the dog whimper.
I bumped into two people and we quickly greeted each other. One was a field worker from Mexico, another was a Doctor from Bakersfield. We all held hands to create a gentle net. We were approaching the doggy whimper , when suddenly a woman, sung in an operatic voice ” I FOUND YOUR DOG! I FOUND SUNNY!” Everyone started
APPLAUDING and CHEERING. When we made contact with the woman who found the dog, we asked her if she was a professional singer. ” Yes, she replied, I am an Opera Singer in Europe. ” The woman who owned SUNNY started panicking.
” I can’t find you! Where are you! I can’t see. ” The Opera Singer, began singing an aria so that the dog owner could find her.
” Keep singing! I am close to you! ”
Finally the woman found us.. She quickly grabbed Sunny whose tail was wagging like there was no tomorrow.” The cloud began to lift and everyone surrounded the woman and her dog. Happy that they were reunited. I stepped towards the woman who owned the dog, and as the cloud dissipated I realized it was a fellow USC Alum, Laura. During my first year in film school I was short on tuition and she secretly paid my tuition so that I could stay in film school. I offered to pay her back when my scholarship check came in late , but she would not take it. I did not bond with many people while attending film school, but Laura and I bonded the minute we met. We embraced and exchanged phone numbers. I have tried to locate her over the last 5 years, but she relocated to NY. In any case. This story for me, is a metaphor for what most Americans are going through. We are stuck in a zone of uncertainty. We cannot see what is going to happen tomorrow. And in this moment we need each other. We need to work together and not allow our country to become lost, or go over the cliff. For me the dog represents American core values which we are determined to take back and protect. Continue reading