On Beyonce’s spellbinding performance from a non Bee Hive member.

Beyonce’s otherworldly and super transcendent performance last night, still has me dreaming. I”m still processing. I have never been an eye witness to such a spell binding and visually seductive live performance. She took a stand not only for Black Women but also for Black Mothers. Their hopes, their dreams, their pain, their joyousness anchored in divine Motherhood. What she expressed last night, transformed her into the tip of the spear of the collective black female consciousness. It was rapturous. It was exquisite. It was unforgettable. Full of soul and rich in ancestral spirit. She pulled a Queen Elizabeth and became super immortal last night with her vivid Goddess like imagery. I need to watch again and process more. I have not heard LEMONADE in it’s entirety, but I plan to now. Was never a huge Beyonce fan, (@beehive, don’t knit your brow!) but I have always respected her work ethic, drive, ambition and sublime creativity. But wow……that was truly inspiring, I had the chills during her performance. I am grateful that she made me feel something deeply, as I have been numbed up, closed off and guarded since November 8. There is such a prominent element of artifice in the entertainment industry. And at times the monstrous entertainment machine feels broken and soul dead. Last night Beyonce soulified the music industry.ad_234815240-e1486952792316


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