Happy Birthday to my twin brother

While in our mother’s womb, I was below while my brother was above. He was ready to enter the world, but my body needed a few more weeks of much needed nourishment. He was anxious to to exit, and so the doctors delivered me as a premature baby 5 minutes before my brother arrived. My brother practically lept from our mother’s womb, and I was placed in an incubator for two weeks. ” While in the incubator I thought to myself. ” My punk brother pushed me out! ” There is great magic and mischief in being a twin. We would switch classes every April Fools Day and our teachers never caught on! In high school my twin brother dated some girl who happened to be the girl friend of the most menacing gangster on the East Side. . He spotted me on the streets and threw me against a bright brick wall and said ” Don’t F#*$(%_ K with my Lady , you hear me? ” But I’m not Joey” I explained. I pulled out my student id and showed it to him. He threw my ID card to the ground and said. ” Don’t lie to “Lil Killa” , cuz you will be crushed. ” Why would you wanna do that? You’ll just go to jail and see no ladies at all” I explained. He let me to the ground and said. ” You must really think I’m stupid” I just smiled and tried to amplify my logical thinking. Than he started laughing, and after that day my name with that gang became ” Lil Smarty Boy”. My twin brother and I always call the same relatives within the same our on the same day, and many members of our family orginailly thought we pre planned these twin calls, but this is just one aspect of twin magic. One day I was driving in LA and heard that song ” Louie Louie” and my brother calls me on the phone and says to me. ” Remember that song Louie Louie”
” Yes ” I replied I’m listening to it right now.” Last night I decided to call my twin brother to wish him an early happy birthday. When he answered he said. ” I knew you would call today. Tomorrow I’ll be flying all day and will not have my phone on.” Last twin tale. One weekend my brother went to my grandparents house , and he put me in charge of his pet mouse Beannie. Beannie was snow white with bright sapphire blue eyes. And some loco little field gangsta mouse kept invading Beanie’s cage. This little thug mouse would beat up on Beannie and eat all his food. So as a secret plan I decided to catch this little thug mouse, so I set a trap and placed a huge chuck of cheddar cheese as bait. I figured I would surprise my brother on his return and tell him about my personal triumph of catching that bullying thug mouse. The night before my brother’s return the mouse trap went off. I lept to my feet, and my heart sank because in the mouse trap was Beannie’s lifeless body. I did not sleep the rest of the night. In the morning I figured I would go to the pet store and buy another white mouse. I figured my brother would never notice the difference, but than I realized that it was a cop out rationalization. I needed to face up to my brother tell him the truth. No matter how much it hurt. I thought my brother would be so angry at me and not speak to me for a year. We did everything together. I played second base, he played short stop. In football we were both defensive backs, and in basketball we were both guards. We shared the same intuition so we did well when playing on the same sports teams. So my brother comes home and I had to tell him. ” Beannie died. And it’s my fault. ” I told him to his face. ” Don’t worry about it. I’ll get a new mouse.” He let it go. He forgave me on the spot. This is how my twin brother is. He does not hold grudges and deep in his heart he is kind and understanding. BTW he scored more points than me in basketball, but I always led the team in assists. And most of my assists were to him… Yeah, we are still kinda competitive…. Happy Birthday Joey aka JOSE! #twins4ever#dinghapowa!14352453_10153712376981338_7457109809312415566_o.jpg