There is much good in this world.


Yesterday while racing home from Whole Foods on my sleek and shiny Fixie my oversized wallet fell out of my jacket. It bounced off the hot asphalt and landed on the edge of the street near the feet of a construction worker. He scooped it up and ran it over to the construction Site supervisor . The supervisor rifled through my wallet and pulled out my Drivers License. Than he went to Facebook and looked me up. There were too many Alex Munoz’s, so he searched through my wallet again and found my Raider Image gift card. He went to the Raider Fan page and found a comment I left the other day about LYnch joining the Raiders. He left a comment that said. ” Can someone please call Aleks Munoz and tell him I have his wallet?” One of my friends called me and told me about the message. I FB mailed the supervisor. He gave me the address of the construction site, so I raced over. The Site Supervisor was named Kimo, a big stocky Hawaiian dude. I told him ” Mahalo” as he handed my my wallet. He showed me the tattoos of Kailua and the island of Oahu on his forearms. He smiled as I told him about how much I dig the MANA in Hawaii.
” Can I meet your worker who found my wallet?” I asked.
” Sure” said Kimo. Than he got on his Walkie Talkie and said.
” Can you tell Joe to come down from the roof? The guy whose wallet he found is here and wants to thank him.”
Moments later a big Latino dude covered with tats walks up.
” I just wanted to thank you for finding and returning my wallet.” I told him. He just laughed.
” I yelled at you but you didn’t hear me , cuz you had your head phones on and you were going hella fast. ” He took off his sunglasses, cocked his head and looked at me.
” Alex Munoz?” He asked.
” Yeah.” I replied. ” Do I know you?”
” Yeah man! It’s me Joe! I was in your film class at  Camp Gonzales about 10 years ago! ” Than I realized who he was. He gave me a big bear hug. Due to California State Law I cannot include his last name. But Joe was a stand out student in one of my FYI FILMS workshops. He is 28 now. He showed me photos of his twin daughters.
“What are you doing on Easter?” he asked?
“No plans” I told him.
” Than come over for Easter man. Give me your number.”
I gave him my number, in awe of the serendipitous encounter.
I thanked Joe and shook Kimo’s hands. I took my head phones and placed them in my back back. I rode my bike home at a much slower pace and felt my heart smile. This world is full of good people.



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